The restaurant business in Finland is closely regulated and controlled. When operating in the food industry, the actors are committed to identifying the dangers connected with their operations and arranging their operations to be safe by using e.g. own-check plans. The companies providing professional restaurant services in Turku are committed to adhering to all the safety instructions of authorities (Communicable Diseases Act, THL’s instructions, Regional State Administrative Agency’s instructions). 

Read the regional state administrative agency's instructions

The actors are committed to the following measures in their restaurants to guarantee a safe visit:  

  1. We instruct to a good hand hygiene 
    The customers are instructed to maintain good hand hygiene (washing of hands and disinfection with hand sanitiser often enough) and they are also reminded not to come to the restaurant when they are ill.
  2. Our cleaning operations have been intensified 
    Our toilet facilities are cleaned and disinfected several times a day (toilet seats, sink taps). We ensure that there is hand sanitiser and soap available at the facilities at all times. There are clear instructions on disinfecting surfaces. 
  3. We direct our visitors inside the restaurant facility 
    The economic operator of a catering business is obliged to prepare a plan on how to prevent COVID-19 from spreading among its customers. The plan must be visible for the customers. 
  4. Only healthy customer service agents serve customers   
    The health of the personnel is monitored. Employees are not allowed to come to work if they are ill and they must comply with the instructions on quarantine and hygiene. 

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