Culture and Events

Culture and event actors are committed to the following measures to ensure a safe visit for the visitors:  

  1. Familiarisation of the customer service agents
    Personnel has been familiarised with the instructions on corona safety.
  2. Customer communications
    Customer instruction on a corona-proof visit takes place prior to the event (no attendance when ill, digital ticket bookings and card payments are favoured, hall entrance times, etc.)
  3. On-site instruction
    Enough personnel on-site e.g. to give instructions on safe distances. Enough room for safe queuing.
  4. Attendee control
    Maintaining of safe distances in all spaces. Safe distance markings.
  5. Hand hygiene
    Customers are instructed to take care of their hand hygiene and there are enough hand washing and sanitation points.
  6. Intensified cleaning 
    To prevent the communicable disease situation from becoming worse, starting from 26 October, safe distances and sufficient level of hygiene have to be secured in public events and meetings of over 20 persons within the whole Southwest Finland region.

The safety of an event is secured by following the instructions of the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education and Culture on preventing coronavirus infections. Among other things, the instructions require that: 

  • a possibility to maintain a safe distance of 1-2 metres between attendees or groups has to be ensured. 
  • if there is a possibility that queues may start forming, people have to be reminded of and assisted in maintaining safe distances. 
  • the organiser must instruct attendees on safe distances and good hand hygiene and offer an opportunity to clean hands. 

All actors are committed to following the safety instructions of their field. 

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Futher information:
Read the instructions on preventing the spreading of coronavirus infections (pdf)
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