In Finland, as well as in the other Baltic states, the shipping industry is closely regulated and controlled. Shipping companies comply with international and national legislation, regulations, instructions and recommendations. Ships operate in accordance with the international MARPOL, AFS and other conventions.

Shipping companies are used to operating in accordance with strict processes and their own-check plan. Corona measures were undertaken immediately when the virus was discovered in Finland and operating methods were updated, so that everyone could travel safely. Shipping companies also have a detailed action plan for possible viruses or epidemics and the companies have worked in close cooperation with the health authorities and followed instructions they have received from them. 

They have also cooperated closely with various authorities, Regional State Administrative Agencies and local health care services. 

In connection with cruises and boat trips, special attention has been paid to the health secure functioning of the whole travel chain. Thus cooperation with harbours has been important and functioned extremely well. A boat trip always starts from the harbour or terminal and also ends there. 

Measures in terminals

  • The use of face masks is recommended both in terminals and during the voyage in situations where maintaining adequate safe distances is not possible.
  • Terminals contain several hand washing and sanitation points.
  • People are reminded of good hand and coughing hygiene with banners.
  • Floor stickers and announcements remind people of maintaining safe distances.
  • Waiting and queuing areas are marked in such way that it is possible to maintain an adequate safe distance to others.
  • The recommendation is that people check in in advance using a mobile device or a check-in kiosk in the terminal.
  • Check-in kiosks are disinfected regularly. In addition, the kiosks are placed in such a way that there will be no crowd formation in the vicinity of the kiosks.
  • It is not allowed to travel while being ill. In connection with the check in, passengers must confirm that they are aware of this.
  • Health guidance points have been opened in the terminals of the shipping companies of Turku.

Measures on board the ship

  • The use of face masks is recommended during the voyage in situations where maintaining adequate safe distances is not possible.
  • On board the ship, adequate safe distances are maintained using several different measures, and the use of spaces has been re-evaluated in such a way that safe distances can be maintained in a better way.
  • The passengers are reminded of good hand and coughing hygiene and adequate safe distances.
  • Around the ship, we instruct our customers with info displays, announcements and posters on how to wash hands correctly and ensure our common well-being.
  • There are hand washing points and hand sanitiser dispensers on board the ships.
  • Hand drying machines have been decommissioned.
  • Surfaces are cleaned and disinfected more thoroughly and frequently.
  • Shops carry out regular disinfections of shopping trolleys and baskets as well as perfume and cosmetics testers. Restaurants have defined their maximum capacity of customers.
  • Plexiglass sheets have been installed where they are required.
  • In buffets, surfaces are sanitised and tongs are changed often. In addition, there are disposable gloves and hand washing/sanitation points on offer. Table reservations have been staggered, also during the breakfast.
  • Ball pools for children are closed for the time being.
  • There are medical staff on board on all the ships.

Other measures undertaken

  • during the spring, shipping companies effectively stopped selling travel tickets (this became a challenge for necessary travel)
  • separate border identification for “Finland to Finland” travel
  • separate security arrangements and measures for foreign passengers
  • health guidance points of terminals
  • corona testing points of terminals
  • safe conference travel: 
    • an opportunity to board the ship before other passengers, spacious conference facilities, catering services possible in the conference facility itself, an opportunity to arrange a tailored shopping event in the shops only for the conference group

Diverse and continuously updating communications

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