All the actors commit to these measures in all the facilities of the establishment to guarantee safe accommodation. 

  1. Reception and lounge areas
    • all the personnel of the accommodation establishment have been familiarised with health security
    • there is a plexiglass or other similar shield on the reception counter of the accommodation establishment between the customer and personnel
    • instructions are visible on how the accommodation establishment takes care of the safety of their customers 
    • safe distances of queuing are clearly displayed 
    • customers are offered an opportunity to maintain good hand hygiene (hand sanitisers placed in different locations, opportunity to wash hands, etc.)
  2. Hotel cleaners and cleanliness of common areas
    • intensified cleaning of rooms and common areas
    • hotel cleaners are able to tell the customers how health security is ensured when cleaning
  3. Breakfast and restaurant services of the accommodation establishment
    • safe distances are clearly marked in the restaurant area and maintained in customer seating arrangements and when queuing
    • a possibility for a staggered arrival to breakfast is arranged to avoid crowds
    • it is also possible to have breakfast outside the restaurant (breakfast at the room)
  4. Conference services
    • safe distances are taken into account in conference facilities (there is a minimum 1.2-metre safe distance between each attendee)
    • it is possible to choose different delivery and servicing methods for catering services, e.g. individually wrapped products delivered in the conference facility

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